Once you’ve spent all the time and effort getting your music perfected and recorded, the next step is the Mixing stage.

Mixing is probably the most challenging part of the process and requires a considerable amount of skill and experience. It can quite literally make or break a project.

Many home or project studios might be adequate to produce a decent recording, but rarely are they designed well enough to deliver a great mix.The acoustic design of the control room and the accuracy of the speakers are very important to make your mixes translate from the studio to the real world. Your music should sound just as good on a home sound system, a car stereo, or a small device.

All too often we’ve seen great performances ruined by a mediocre or bad mix. If you’ve recorded a project and attempted to mix it yourself with less than stellar results, you might consider having someone else mix it for you. Having an Experienced Engineer mix your project in a properly tuned mixing environment will make your music sound balanced, alive and vibrant!

Sometimes a project arrives for mixing that has problems. Parts of certain tracks may have little mistakes here and there that in many cases can be repaired with Editing. This is especially easy to do when working in the digital domain. It is possible to copy a well-played section of the same part from elsewhere in the song and paste it on to the offending piece with just a few clicks.

And for that one note that’s out of tune in the vocal track that’s driving you crazy, there are several effective pitch correction tools that we can use to take care of that in most cases.