RENOWN SOUND PRODUCTION encompasses a long history, starting at Drone Studios  back during the late 70’s and eventually evolving into RENOWN SOUND PRODUCTION in 1985 when the studio transitioned from a 8-track to a 16-track recording facility.

Renown Sound Production’s legacy is rich with music and great memories that will never be forgotten. Through photos, video & music from that era, Music Producer & Sound Engineer Brett Brown will be bringing these memories to the forefront again!

However, this page is not merely a vehicle for the past, but a portal into the future. Renown Sound Production continues to be open for business! Using today’s technology, we now have the ability to transfer recordings from analog to digital medium for archiving, re-mixing & mastering by the one and only Renown Sound “Guru” himself, Brett Brown!

In our creation of this web page, as well as the Renown Sound Production Facebook page, we welcome any and all contributions in the form of pictures, video & music recordings that our alumni might have in their archives!

If you have materials that you’d like to share, or if If you are interested in taking advantage of Brett’s 30+ years of professional mixing/mastering experience, please click on the “Contact” button below.

Also, please visit our subsidiary, RENOWN RECORDS